• Asian Cup
  • 09 January 2019

Al-Brik: We have Made a Good Start .. Fans are Number One Supporters of the team.

Mohammed Al-Brik, the National Team player, said that the team scored 3 important points at the start of its journey in the Asian Cup, describing the win over North Korea as a good start.

Al-Brik thanked the fans who supported the Green in its opening match in the Asian Cup, expressing his hope that the fans' attendance increases in the coming match because the fans are the Number One supporter of the team in its Asian mission.

Regarding the secret of the team's success in its first match, Al-Brik said that all team members acted like one person. Players and substitutes, technical and administrative teams, and all of us put the team's interest first.

Al-Brik concluded by stressing the importance of the coming match against Lebanon, noting that the preparations for it have begun immediately after the end of North Korea's match, in order to continue the victories.

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