• Prince Mohamed Bin Salman League
  • 18 February 2019

Round 25 of Prince Mohammed bin Salman division one League Kicking off Tuesday

Matches of the 25th round of Prince Mohammed bin Salman division one League will kick off tomorrow, Tuesday, with five matches.

Al-Tai', the 12th with 32 points, will visit Al-Magzal, the 10th with 32 points, at ALMajma`a City Stadium.

At Al-Washm Stadium, the hosts will meet Al-Kawkab.

Al-Washm have 26 points in the 17th place, one point behind Al-Kawkab, the 16th.

Al-Orouba, the 19th with 22 points, will host at their stadium, Hajer the 14th with 30 points.

At Prince Mohamed Bin Fahd Stadium, Dammam, Al-Nahda, the 16th with 34 points will face Najran the 11th with 32 points.

Al-Jeel, the 13th with 32 points, will host Al-Ain, the 18th with 25 points, at Prince Abdullah bin Jalawi Sports City Stadium.

The round games will be resumed with five games on Wednesday.

At their stadium, Al-Shoula, the 20th with 21 points will meet Damk the third on the table with 41 points.

Al-Jabaleen the 8th with 33 points, will face Al-Khaleej the 5th with 36 points, at Prince Abdel Aziz bin Masaad bin Jalawi Stadium.

Prince Sultan Sport City Stadium, will see the most important game of the matchday between Abha, the leaders with 43 points, against Al-Adala the second with 42 points.

Al-Nojoom the 9th with 32 points, will face Al-Ansar the 7th with 34 points.

The matchday games will be concluded with a game between Jeddah, the fourth with 38 points against Al-Qaisoma, the 15th with 28 points, at Al-Batin Stadium.

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