• SAFF News
  • 13 February 2019

Appointment of Two Members to the Competitions Committee

The Saudi Arabian Football Federation, SAFF, board of directors approved the appointments of Ibrahim El-Eysa and Kamel El-Mousa as members of the Competitions Committee.

The Competitions Committee consists of, the Chairman, Abdel Ellah Moamena, Vice-Chairman of the Committee Abdel Magid Mansour and three members whose names are: Khaled El-Tasan, Ibrahim El-Eysa and Kamel El-Mousa.

The Competitions Committee Chairman, Abdel Ellah Moamena, was confident that El-Eysa and El-Mousa, have the ability to provide the addition to the work of the committee, hoping the coming period see recognizable improvement, after approving the governance system, the organizational structure, the functions and responsibilities of the committees and its work mechanism, with the aim of raising the quality and efficiency of its performance.

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