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  • 22 April 2019

SAFF holds Extraordinary General Assembly

Saudi Arabian Football Federation, SAFF, general assembly has ratified Dispute Resolution Chamber reconfiguration, chaired by Dr. Abdel Rahman Al-Abd Al-Kareem, in addition to Appeals Committee chaired by Dr. Mohamed Basim.

The SAFF board decided to appoint Ahmed Al-Rashid and Hamza Edris as board members, while rejected the reconfiguration of Ethics and Discipline Committee chaired by Dr. Ayman Al-Refaie.

These decisions were taken during the extraordinary general assembly which was held on Monday at the great hall of Prince Faisal bin Fahd Olympic Complex.

The assembly chaired by SAFF president Loai Al-Sebaei, witnessed the approval of the appointment of the members of Elections and Elections Appeals Committees, this decision was carried out on the basis of SAFF board proposal, as Bandr Al-Homidani was appointed chairman of Elections Committee with the membership of Bandr Al-Moajel, Abdel Aziz Al-Rashod and Abdel Aziz Al-Fasli.

In the same context, Nasri Al-Fakir was appointed chairman of Elections Appeals Committee with the membership of Naif Al-Gar Allah and Khaled Al-Ramian.

At the beginning of the meeting, Al-Sebaei delivered a speech to welcome all present, emphasizing that the current season of the Saudi League is successfully moving towards its countdown.

"We saw one of the most successful seasons of the Saudi League, which named after the Crown Prince, His Royal Highness, Prince Mohamed Bin Salman, in addition to the vigorous competition for places, with the participation of a select group of the best professional players and efficient referees, this couldn't have happened without the generous support of his Highness", Al-Sebaei said.

"We have been pleased to have this exceptional edition of the league and our happiness reaching its peak, as we became close to the honor of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques sponsorship to the final of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup", he added.

"The interest of the Saudi Football is the obsession of the board, so we sought to make this phase not only a transition phase, but also a hard word phase", he concluded.

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