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  • 27 March 2019

SAFF statement on Al-Nasr president claims

Further to a television claims of Al-Nasr president, Mr. Saud AL Soailm on March 21, 2019, referring to Saudi Arabian Football Federation, SAFF, removing of Mr. Mark Clattenburg from his post؛

Alleging he was the reason of this firing؛

Claiming that Mr. Clattenburg has been working in SAFF, three months after this firing؛

Against that backdrop, the SAFF affirming that what has been mentioned by Al-Nasr president is completely wrong.

In this regard, SAFF wants to clarify that؛

First: Mr. Clattenburg contract with SAFF was concluded last February, therefore his role was negated by the end of the contractual relationship and there is no truth to what has been pointed out about firing him.

Second: SAFF agreed with Mr. Clattenburg on not to extend the contract beyond February 2019, this was announced in February 8, 2019, in accordance with the officially announced decision of the SAFF's executive office.

The above mentioned decision adopted the appointment of Khalel Galal as a Chairman of the SAFF's Referees Committee and ending the contract of Clattenburg.

Al-Nasr president allegations prove to be completely unfounded.

Third: SAFF stressing that all the decisions taken comply with the regulations in force, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia؛

In this context, SAFF affirming its confidence in Referees Committee Chairman Khalel Galal and in his ability to fulfill his duties as his appointment was based on the SAFF's trust and with the support of the General Sport Authority, for his proficiency and success.

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