• Saudi National Team
  • 17 February 2019

Saudi Under 14 National team starts Khobar camp

Saudi Under 14 National team opened on Sunday its preparatory camp in Khobar, which runs until the 20th of February, for the players of the eastern province clubs, which runs until the 20th of February, within the strategy of managing junior national teams.

Mohamed Amin, coach of the Saudi Under 14 National team, summoned 34 players for the camp.

The Young Green Falcons started training today, Sunday, evening at Prince Saud Bin Jalawi Sport City Stadium, Khobar, with passing exercises, followed by acquisition exercises in small boxes, before concluding the straining session with a short maneuver.

Saudi Under 14 squad for Jeddah camp:

Reda Abdalla, Rayan Maqhawi, Abd El-Alh Al-Hassar, Abdel Aziz Al-Dabas, Mohamed Al Darwish, Mohamed El-Gemaa, Mahmed El-Baria, Montazr El-Shafaq and Mahdi Al-Aboud (Al-Fateh), Ahmed Al Zwad , Ahmed Adel, Ahmed Abdel Moneam, Hassan Ibrahim, Reda Ali, Fahd El0Hafa and Mohamed Fawzy (Al-Khaleej), Badr El-Harbi, Khaled Hazazi, Abdel Rahman Sahari, Awad Abdou and Mohamed Al-Mokbali (Al-Ittifaq), Hassan El-Moaedi, Abdel Aziz El-Ghamdy, Fahd El-Rabie and Yezed Al-Zahrani (Al-Qadsya), Amgad Farid, Hassan Al-Faraj and Ali Awad (Al-Salam), Mohamed Al Ibrahim and Mohamed El-Salih (Al-Safa), Mohnd El-Bishi (Al-Jobail), Wasel El-Gaafry (Al-Adala), Hedar Al-Elwan (Madr) and Amar El-Zahar (Future Stars Academy).

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