• Saudi Pro League
  • 11 February 2019

Al-Hazm games moved to Al-Rass

The Competitions Committee of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) moved Al-Hazm games to Al-Hazm Stadium in Al-Rass governorate instead of King Abdullah Sport City Stadium.

This move came upon the letter submitted by the general manager of the operation and events of the Generalc Sport Authority, which reported that Al-Hazm Stadium became ready to host the first team matches.

Al-Hazm games against Al-Batin, Al-Ittifaq, Al-Fayhaa, Ohod, Al-Fateh and Al-Raed will be moved to Al-Hazm Stadium, while the games against the trio giants Al-Hilal, Al-Nasr and Al-Ittihad will be played at King Abdullah Sport City Stadium, as were scheduled before.

Al-Hazm games against the big teams will not be moved to their stadium, because of the high public attendance expected.

This comes in accordance with the recommendations of the Joint Committee for the study of the stadium readiness of the General Sport Authority, Saudi Arabian Football Federation and The Saudi Professional League Association.

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