• Youth
  • 30 November 2018

A Win for Al-Watan and Three Ties in the Tenth Round of the Junior Premier League

Today, Friday, the matches of the Tenth Round of under 17 Junior Premier League were held. They were four matches: Al-Omran against Al-Shoula, Al-Taawoun against Al-Yarmouk, Al-Ansar against Al-Ta'ee and Al-Watan against Al-Raed.

Al-Omran and Al-Shoula match ended with a negative tie, moving Al-Omran's total to 11 points and Al-Shoula's to 11 points.

Al-Taawoun and Al-Yarmouk match, held at Al-Taawoun Stadium, ended with a tie of one goal each, moving Al-Taawoun's total to 18 points and Al-Yarmouk's to 17 points.

Al-Ansar and Al-Ta'ee match, held at the former's stadium, ended with a negative tie, after which Al-Ansar's total became 13 points and Al-Ta'ee's moved to 20 points.

Al-Watan won 4-0 against Al-Raed, moving its total up to 25 points, while Al-Raed stayed at 10 points.

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