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  • 01 December 2018

Al-Faisaly, Al-Nahda, Al-Shoula and Arar Win at the Conclusion of the Tenth Round of the Youth Premier League

Today, Saturday, the tenth round of the Under 19 Youth Premier League was concluded with 4 matches: Al-Faisaly against Hajer, Al-Nahda against Hajer, Al-Shoula against Jeddah and Arar against Al-Diriyah.

Al-Faisaly won 3-1 against its counterpart, Hajer, in the top match of the round.

Al-Faisaly total moved up to the top place with 25 points, increasing the difference between it and Hajer, the second, to six points, after Hajer's total has stayed at 19 points.

Al-Nahda won 2-1 against its counterpart, Abha, in the same round.

Al-Nahda reached 10 points, maintaining the 8th place, while Abha stayed at 16 points, in the 4th place.

Al-Shoula won 1-0 against its counterpart, Jeddah, moving Al-Shoula's total up to 7 points, maintaining the 9th place, while Jeddah stayed at 13 points, in the 7th place.

Arar won 3-0 to its counterpart, Al-Diriyah, moving Arar's total up to 15 points, rising to the 5th place, while Al-Diriyah stayed at the 10th place with 3 points.

The round competitions had kicked off the day before yesterday, Thursday, with only one match between Al-Tohami and Akaz, which ended with a positive tie of 1-1, moving Al-Tohami's total up to 15 points, maintaining the 6th place, while Akaz's total increased to 18 points, maintaining the 3rd place.  

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