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    • Photographers are not allowed into the course during the game.
    • The photographer wearing a shirt is banned from entering a club.
    • The unauthorized photographer will not be allowed to enter the match from an authorized official.
    • Shooting within the playing field (video) is prohibited because it is contrary to regulations and laws.
    • The movement of photographers inside the track is prohibited before and during the game and must remain in their designated places.
    • If the photographer interacts with the events of the match, the card will be pulled out of the court.
    • Keep the card issued by the association and not hand it over to another person for the day of the game.
    • If the card is lost, the Saudi Professional League will be contacted by the employer with a fine of SR 1,000.
    • If the card is damaged, the damaged card will be sent with a letter from the concerned authority to replace it with a fine of SR 300.
    • In the case of loss of the photographer's uniform, a fine of SR 300 will be paid.
    • Work is monitored by the Professional League ... The authorization can be withdrawn in case of abuse.
    • If any card is forged, its owner will be held accountable and submitted to the competent authorities.
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