The Social Responsibility Committee signs a partnership with Al-Irada Association


The Social Responsibility and Public Participation Committee of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation announced today, Saturday, the winning clubs of the second edition of the Clubs Social Responsibility Award for the 2019-2020 sports season, which was launched early last season.

The announcement of the winners came on the sidelines of the social responsibility meeting held by the committee in the presence of representatives of social responsibility in professional clubs, which was held in the main hall of the SAFF headquarters in Riyadh.

Al-Hilal, Al-Khaleej and Al-Faisali clubs, respectively, won the first three places, amid competition with 17 clubs in the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professionals Cup League and Prince Mohammed bin Salman League for First Division clubs.

Al Hilal Club won the first place prize of 150,000 riyals for its initiative (Care for the Neighborhoods Football League Players), which took place in 13 cities in partnership with the Neighborhood League of the Saudi Sports for All Federation, where the club provided 210 emergency bags and attracted 5292 volunteers specialist in medical and emergency fields to attend all matches, and to provide the necessary medical support to serve 4000 players from the Neighborhoods League, and to enable them to play football in a safe and healthy atmosphere, in line with the vision goals aimed at increasing the number of practitioners of sport.

Al-Khaleej Club won the second place prize of 100,000 riyals for its initiative (Seasons of the Future), which aims to equip 6 classes for talented people in the city of Saihat with distinct specifications in terms of infrastructure, educational methods and modern smart technologies, and it was done through a group of different partnerships, this initiative establishes an ideal environment for talented students who are considered one of the pillars of optimal investment in the homeland, noting that so far, 120 talented students from the region have benefited from these classes.

Al-Faisali Club achieved the third place prize of 50 riyals for its initiative (Qudurat), which embraces a group of buddies and young people in the club, and to develop them through more than 15 diverse programs in the educational, cultural, technical, entertainment and social fields throughout the sports season. 65 persons joined the initiative within the specified age group, and resulted in the holding of some exhibitions belonging to the initiative, the discovery of 22 talents in various fields, as well as participation in a group of volunteer activities held in the region.

On the other hand, on the sidelines of its meeting with the clubs, the committee signed a community partnership agreement with the Al-Irada Association for the talented of Disabled to serve them in all fields of football. The committee was represented by its chairman Nazih Al-Nasr, and the association was represented by the Director of Media and Relations, Majed Al-Fahmy, on behalf of the association's president, Dr. Ammar Boukis.

In addition, the committee held an open meeting and workshop with representatives of social responsibility in professional clubs, during which the clubs discussed the goals of the future and the most prominent obstacles they faced, and the further advancement of social work within the clubs.

Nazih Al-Nasr, the Chairman of the Social Responsibility and Public Participation Committee, praised the clubs' remarkable efforts and their continuous work in this field, stressing that the committee will continue to motivate clubs by all means, including this award.

Nazih congratulated the victory for the winning clubs in the competition, stressing at the same time that there is no loser with the social work in the clubs because the supreme goal of them was achieved, which is community service.

The chairman of the committee thanked the heads of the clubs' boards of directors for their great support for social responsibility and the distinguished cooperation of the responsibility representatives in the clubs, which resulted in the achievement of more social programs in the clubs.

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