The SAFF approves the establishment of the Women's Football Development Department


The Board of Directors of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) has approved the establishment of a new department to develop women's football under the supervision of Board member Ms Adwa AlArifi.

The department will develop a strategy and a detailed implementation plan to promote women's football and expand female participation levels across the Kingdom in line with the goals of Saudi Arabiaís Vision 2030 blueprint.

The department will also foster and support the existing women's football community in Saudi Arabia and raise public awareness of the importance of womenís participation in the beautiful game. The new department will also work to ensure the participation of Saudi Arabian womenís national representative teams in continental and international competitions.

Welcoming the Boardís decision, Ms Adwa AlArifi remarked that organized women's football in Saudi Arabia has witnessed an encouraging start in the last two years, generating momentum which led to the Boardís approval to establish a special department to foster continued growth. She also noted that the increased presence of women at administrative decision-making levels within the game will help to accelerate the development of women's football and keep pace with the strong levels of support for the womenís game from the Ministry of Sports.

To mark this historic moment, SAFF has launched a Twitter account to help the public keep informed about all news and developments in relation to women's football in the Kingdom (@SAFF_WFD).

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