• Asian Cup
  • 26 December 2018

Al-Fateel: South Korea's match is the best preparation for the Asian Cup

The First National Team Defender Mohammed Al Fateel described the current stage of the preparatory program for the 2019 Asian Cup as important, as it will contribute to the perfect completion of the National Team's readiness in the framework early preparation.

About how the friendly confrontation with South Korea is similar to that with North Korea in the opening of the National Team's matches in the championship, Al-Fateel said:  "The next friendly match against South Korea is of great importance to identify the level of all lines, in addition to it being the last test before the start of the championship."

He added: "Every national team in the Asian Cup has its own style and technique on the pitch, and South Korea is one of the strongest teams in Asia. It is important to note that all the participating national teams have a high technical level thanks to the sports development witnessed by the continent. What is more important is that we now focus on friendly confrontation, and get as much benefit as possible."

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