• Asian Cup
  • 28 December 2018

Mohammed Al-Saeiri: We will be relying on the support of our nation during the 2019 Asian Cup.

Saudi Arabia’s national team striker, Mohammed Al-Saeiri said that the “Greens” will need the backing of the public as the nation embarks on its journey to lift their fourth Asian Cup trophy.

“Saudi fans do not need an invitation in order to support the players, we will be waiting for their support during the tournament,” said Al-Saeiri in remarks exclusively to the SAFF website.

"I am very happy to represent the national team," he added. "I will try to make the best out of this opportunity, especially as it came at an extraordinary moment prior to the start of the Asian Cup, and not a friendly."

"Tournaments like the Asian Cup given players much needed exposure, and I hope we will perform well collectively as a team and as individual players."

Al-Saeiri also stressed the strength of the competition across the MBS league this season.

"The emergence of a distinctive level in the local championships gives us the motivation to develop further and improve ourselves as for any future participation with the national team," said Al-Saeiri.

The Al-Hazem striker pointed out that the significance of the friendly against South Korea, emphasizing that all twenty four nations participating in the Asian Cup are strong, requiring them to consider each game on its own.

"We will only play the tournament with the intention to compete for the title (nothing less), and I hope we have the support of everyone,” said Al-Saeiri.

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