• Asian Cup
  • 14 January 2019

National team starts Abu Dhabi training

The national team started training in Abu Dhabi on Monday evening, ahead of the final group stage match of the 2019 Asian Cup against Qatar.

The training session that took place at the Officers Club started with warm-ups, before head coach Juan Antonio Pizzi divided the players into two groups. One group contained the players who played against Lebanon, as they focused on physical recovery sessions. On the other hand, the second group took part in tactical sessions. After that, Pizzi divided the pitch into a quarter of the space available before culminating with lengthening exercises.

In other news, Yasser Al Shahrani continued his own training on the pitch, in addition to Omar Hawsawi who has his own training at the medical centre.

The Greens will have their next training session on Monday evening at 5.30 pm, with media coverage allowed in the first 15 minutes.

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