• Asian Cup
  • 25 December 2018

Atif: The National Team is a Mix of Experience and Youthful Spirit

The First National Team Midfielder, Abdullah Atif, said that the current camp in Dubai, which is held to prepare for the 2019 Asian Cup, is an extension of the previous preparation stages which contributed to the harmony and concord between the elements of the National Team.

Atif added that the current preparation stage is the most important a few days before the kickoff of the Asian Cup, pointing to the high technical advantage achieved by the National Team from its friendly matches in recent period.

Regarding the defense roles in his position, he said: "Modern football is played as a system and has no individual roles. If the team is well positioned in the field, everyone will play their part collectively, which will give the team a power different against the opponent".

Atif pointed to the importance of diversity in the elements of the National Team list, saying: "The list is a mix of the elements featuring experience and youth spirit, which reflects positively on the National Team as it has a mix of experience and vitality, and all elements are ready to implement the instructions of the technical director whenever he seeks their assistance".


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