• Asian Cup
  • 30 December 2018

Pizzi satisfied with the fourth phase of the preparatory program

Juan Antonio Pizzi was appreciative of the outcomes from the fourth phase of the preparatory program as intended for the 2019 Asian Cup.

"We have completed the last period as planned. We are satisfied with what has been achieved and hope to achieve the best that we can in the tournament," Pizzi said.

"The first week consisted of the physical aspect of the program where the focus was on managing and improving the fitness of each player," said Pizzi. 

"The focus now is on the match against South Korea tomorrow, in which we look forward to observing the outcome of our preparation thus far." he added.

As for the inclusion of Salman Al-Faraj in the team's list, the coach confirmed that in principle he will consider the extent of Salman's response to treatment and expected him to participate at same point within the tournament as he continuous to recoup.

In regards to the possibility of bringing in new players: "We do not rule out this possibility prior to the closing of the selection process, however that will only take place if we face any unfortunate obstacles with the current players."

Pizzi concluded his speech by stressing that the most desired aftermath to the match against South Korea match is that no player from either team is injured.

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