• Asian Cup
  • 21 December 2018

Pizzi: National Team is Moving Steadily to Achieve the Desired Goal in the UAE

The Argentinean coach, Juan Antonio Pizzi, said that the green-shirted team is on track to achieve the goal desired by its participation in the next edition of the Asian Cup in the UAE early next year.

Pizzi had an interview with the official website of the International Federation of Football (FIFA), as participation of the National Team in the championship draws closer. It begins on the 5th of January.

Pizzi stated that his ambition from participating in the Asian Cup is limitless, noting that the sense of responsibility has increased significantly among the players in recent times, much more than it was during the World Cup in Russia.

The coach added that he always seeks to instill a fighting spirit, a sense of responsibility and an unbridled desire to achieve victories within the players.

Antonio said he was very familiar with Asian football in light of his close ties to the players and due to his close follow-up of the professional league during the year he spent at the helm of the Saudi team's technical leadership.

In this context, he further stated: "I have also followed a large number of competitors, and I am well aware that the next championship will not be easy at all and will witness strong and very difficult matches."

He pointed out that he will deal with each match separately to achieve certain requirements, stressing: "As I have already stated, our ambition is limitless."

Pizzi recalled memories of his participation with the National Team in the last edition of the World Cup, held in June and July on Russian soil, in which France was crowned for the second time in its history.

In this regard, he said that the start against Russia and the loss by five goals without reply was a stumble and strong blow, whilst pointing out at the same time that the performance was quite different in the second match against the Uruguay.

He continued: "We had a very good performance against the Uruguay and we deserved to snatch a tie, but the players' efforts were crowned with a win in the last round against the Egyptian team which had numerous European professional among its members."

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