• Asian Cup
  • 07 January 2019

Hussein Al-Sadiq … is back to UAE after taking gold in 1996


More than 22 years after a scene that witnessed the mix of joy and honor of crowning the National Team the title of the 1996 Asia Nations at Zayed City Stadium in Abu Dhabi, former goalkeeper Hussein Al-Sadiq is returning to the UAE with the memories of the gold medal that he received from Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan at the time, accompanied with a kiss more than 8,000 days ago.

Al-Sadiq is returning with unforgettable memories, responding to a new call for the green-shirted team.

In his long journey in front of the net, the brilliant goalkeeper wore the glove for the first time in his career in 1988 and became a star in a blink of the eye, seizing his first seat on the National Team's list in 1993, during the 1994 World Cup Qualifiers. At that time the "hawks" succeeded to qualify for the World Cup, and then the Argentinean Coach Solari, selected him within the group that participated in the world tournament.

Only two years later, the Brazilian Coach Fingada selected Al-Sadiq to participate in the 1996 Asian Nations; the event with prestigious memories, and that was the impression that this historic championship left on Al-Sadiq. He won the title of a "green-shirted" on December 21, 1996, i.e. exactly 8,258 days ago.

Over a long period of time, the majority of this "generation" had to stop their journey. Some left the sports field, while others, motivated by their passion for football, have continued their career in different locations, including Hussein Al-Sadiq, who remained involved in football, but at an administrative level, until he has become the manager of the Football National Team.

After more than two decades, Al-Sadiq will record the only "official" appearance of a champion of the "third" Asian title, when the green-shirted team starts its continental mission at the UAE stadiums. Al-Sadiq is the only player of the team that participated in 1996 to accompany the green-shirted team in its journey to Asia 2019. Hussein still has great hopes and ambitions, and this time he is armed with a great deal of experience that will instill the confidence of "heroes" into the players.

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