• Asian Cup
  • 12 January 2019

The Chairman of Saudi Arabian Federation Praises the Spirit and Performance of the Green Falcons


The Chairman of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation, Qusay Al-Fawaz, praised the high spirit and outstanding performance of the National Team during Saturday's match against Lebanon, which was the Green's second match in the Asian Cup and ended in its favor with a result of 2-0, securing its passage to the second round, one match before the end of the preliminary round.

The Chairman of the Saudi Arabian Federation praised the technical organization and the mental readiness of the players, in addition to the fighting spirit that they had throughout the minutes of the match, noting that the integration of all efforts has led to playing an outstanding match in terms of the level and the result.

"We finished Lebanon's match with high professionalism and competence, as was the case with the match against North Korea, where everyone was up to the responsibility and feeling the importance of the match, which made the team dominate the match from start to end," he said.

"We will deal with the match as a mere win and three points, and the team will move on to preparing for the next match, according to our strategy to continue the championship journey," he said.

Al-Fawaz thanked the fans for their support and backing of the players, stressing that this support contributed to raising the players' morale throughout the match.

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