• Asian Cup
  • 20 January 2019

The Greens and Japan Play the Last Matches of Sharjah Stadium in the Asian Cup

Sharjah Stadium – located in the UAE Emirate of Sharjah – will host the National Team's match against Japan in the 2019 Asian Cup eighth-final on Monday, January 21.

Sharjah Stadium is the main stadium of the Sharjah team, with a capacity of 11,073 seats, and although it is a multi-use stadium, it is mostly used to host football matches.

On Monday, Sharjah Stadium will host its last match in the Asian Cup between the Greens, the runner-up of Group E, and the Japanese "Computer", the winner of Group F.

This match will be the sixth and last match to be held on this stadium in the Asian Cup, after five matches; Syria against Palestine in Group B which ended with a 0-0 tie, Uzbekistan against Oman in Group F which ended with 2-1 for Uzbekistan, Iraq against Yemen in Group D which ended with 3-0 for Iraq, Bahrain against India in Group A which ended with 1-0 for Bahrain, and finally Lebanon against North Korea in Group E which ended with 4-1 for Lebanon.

The Stadium had previously hosted many important tournaments, such as the 1988 GCC Championship, the 1988 Arab Club Champions Cup and the 2003 World Youth Cup.

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