• Futsal Premier league
  • 01 December 2018

An Awareness Lecture for the Green-shirted Under-10 Futsal Team Players within their Camp in Cairo

Today, Saturday, the Under 20 National Futsal Team has resumed their daily exercises in their current camp in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which represents the fourth stage of the preparatory program for the West Asia Qualifiers that will be held in the Emirate of Fujairah for the period 6-10 December, qualifying for the 2019 Asian Cup Finals.

The players exercised at the Cairo International Sports Complex, Hall B, under the leadership of National Coach, Mubarak Al-Shahrani, who was keen, before the start of the exercise session, to discuss the mistakes made by the players in the previous friendly matches and how to address them later to avoid their recurrence, using modern projectors.

The exercise session started with fitness and running exercises, which were performed with Fitness Coach, Abdullah Al-Muhaidib, who raised the fitness level of the players. The players were then divided into three groups and a number of technical scenarios were implemented using the ball, focusing on how to take advantage of corner kicks.

The exercise session ended with a maneuver on the entire hall with the participation of all players except Fahd Al-Qassim who continued his qualifying program to prepare for his participation in the group exercises with his fellow players.

On the other hand, the Saudi Lecturer in the International Federation of Football, Abdul Rahman Al-Ahmari gave an awareness lecture to the players through which he explained the new laws of the game, in addition to a discussion of some controversial refereeing cases.

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