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  • 01 December 2018

Al-Ittihad Takes Over Al-Watan at the Conclusion of the Ninth Round of the Under 15 Junior League

Today, Saturday, the ninth round of the Under 15 Junior League was concluded with only one match between Al-Ittihad and Al-Watan at King Faisal Sport City Stadium in Jizan.

Al-Ittihad won 3-1 against its host, Al-Watan, moving its total up to 12 points to maintain the 7th place, while Al-Watan has stayed at the 13 points in the 6th place.

The round competitions had kicked off yesterday, Friday, with 5 matches: Al-Batin against Al-Hilal, Al-Omran against Al-Nasr, Al-Ahli against Al-Fat’h, Al-Shabab against Al-Ettifaq and Al-Qadisiah against Al-Lewa.

Al Hilal strengthened its lead by beating Al-Batin 6-0, increasing its points to 27 points, while Al-Batin stayed at 10 points in the 9th place.

Al-Nasr returned from Prince Abdullah bin Jalawi Reserve Stadium with a win of 4-1 over its host Al-Omran, moving Al-Nasr's total to 13 points to maintain the 5th place, while Al-Omran stayed at one point in the 12th place.

Al-Ahli won 3-2 against its guest, Al-Fat’h, moving its total up to 19 points to maintain the 3rd place, while Al-Fat’h's stayed at 18 points in the 4th place.

Al-Shabab and Al-Ettifaq match has ended with a positive tie of 1-1, moving Al-Shabab's total up to 11 points to maintain the 8th place, while Al-Ettifaq's increased to 19 points, maintaining the 2nd place.

Al-Qadisiah won 4-3 against its guest, Al-Lewa, moving its total to 6 points to maintain the 11th place, while Al-Lewa' stayed at 6 points in the 10th place.

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