• The King's Cup
  • 15 April 2019

Statement on media arrangements for Custodian of the the Two Holy Mosques Cup final

In reference to approaching of Custodian of the the Two Holy Mosques Cup final.

We hope that you quickly determine the journalists are charged with covering the game as the province determination (Riyadh, Jeddah) is an issue of primary importance.

Quotas shall be in accordance with the following regulatory:

- 2 editors and 2 photographers for printed newspapers.

- One editor and one photographer for online newspapers.

- One correspondent and one photographer for channels which will not broadcast the final.

We hope that all our colleagues will be committed to determining the province and the specific number of journalists for each newspaper.

Please enclose a copy of Prince Mohamed Bin Salman League for Professionals ID Card to ensure access to Custodian of the the Two Holy Mosques Cup final ID Card in addition to letter of assignment from your media outlet.

Please note that April 23rd will be the deadline for receiving the requests.

Requests shall be sent via media department following e-mail:


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