• Prince Mohamed Bin Salman League
  • 27 May 2018

3 Clubs Top Strongest Offensive Teams in Mohammed bin Salman League

Prince Mohammed bin Salman League 2017/2018 came to an end with 3 clubs equally ranking as the strongest offensive in the league.

Al Ta'ee, Al Kawkab and Al Qaisooma came on top with 52 goals each, followed by Al Hazm, 50, and Al Wehda – League Champion – with 49 goals.

Al Watani had the weakest defense with 33 goals, followed by Al Nujoom, 34, and Al Nahdha, 35.

The Ranking:

Al Ta'ee 52 goals

Al Kawkab 52 goals

Al Qaisooma 52 goals

Al Hazm 50 goals

Al Wehda 49 goals

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