• Prince Mohamed Bin Salman League
  • 28 January 2019

3 Matches in Round 21 of Prince Mohammed Bin Salman League for First Class Clubs on Tuesday

Tomorrow, Tuesday, 3 matches will be held in Round 21 of Prince Mohammed Bin Salman League for First Class Clubs; Al-Mujazzal  against Al-Kaleej, Al-Washm against Al-Qaisumah and Al-Ain against Al-Ta'ee.

The round matches were postponed to January 29 and 30 as most of the League's clubs were participating in the competitions of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup in the middle of this month.

Only one match was held in this round, between Al-Adalah and Al-Kawkab on January 15, in which Al-Adalah won 4-2, strengthening its lead with 39 points, while Al-Kawkab stayed at 24 points, in the 16th place. 

Majma'ah Sports City Stadium will host the match of Al-Mujazzal, the 9th with 28 points, against its guest, Al-Kaleej, the 5th with 31 points.

Al-Qaisumah, the 18th with 22 points, will play against, its counterpart, Al-Washm, the 17th with 23 points, at Al-Batin Stadium.

Al-Ain, the 15th with 24 points, will host its guest, Al-Ta'ee, the 14th with a total of 25 points, at King Saud City Stadium.

The round competitions will be resumed the day after tomorrow, Wednesday, with 6 matches; Al-Shoula against Al-Nojoom, Al-Jabalain against Al-Nahda, Abha against Hajer, Al-Orobah against Najran, Al-Ansar against Jeddah and Al-Jeel against Dhamac.

At its stadium of Al-Kharj, Al-Shoula, the 19th with 21 points, will host its guest, Al-Nojoom, the 8th with 28 points. 

Abha, the 2nd with a total of 38 points, will play against its guest, Hajer, the 6th with 30 points, at Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Stadium. 

Al-Nahda, the 13th with 27 points, will be hosted by Al-Jabalain, the 11th with 28 points, at Prince Abdul Aziz bin Musa'ed Stadium.

At its stadium, Al-Orobah, the 20th with 20 points, will host its guest, Najran, the 12th with 27 points.

At its stadium, Al-Ansar, the 7th with 30 points, will play against its guest, Jeddah, the 3rd with a total of 36 points.

Al-Jeel, the 10th with 28 points, will play against its guest Dhamac, the 4th with 34 points, at Prince Abdullah bin Jalawi Stadium.

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