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  • 04 December 2018

Announcement of the Referees for the Fifteenth Round of Prince Mohammed bin Salman League for First Class Clubs

The Main Referees Committee of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation announced the referees of the fifteenth round of Prince Mohammed bin Salman League for First Class Clubs.

The round is scheduled to start today, Tuesday, with five matches and to be resumed on Wednesday with another five matches.

The referees' appointments are as follows:

- Al-Shoulla Vs Al-Washm
Referee: Mohammed Al-Hawish
First Assistant Referee: Abdul Rahim Al-Shammari
Second Assistant Referee: Abdulaziz Al-Barih
Fourth Official: Abdullah Zafer

- Al-Qaisumah Vs Al-Ta’ee 
Referee: Faisal Al-Balawi
First Assistant Referee: Yasser Al-Sultan
Second Assistant Referee: Ibrahim Al-Dakhil
Fourth Official: Ahmed Al-Rumaikhani

- Dhamac Vs Hajer
Referee: Sammy Al-Jaris
First Assistant Referee: Omar Al-Jamal
Second Assistant Referee: Mohammed Mefreh Al Hassan
Fourth Official: Mamdouh Al Shahdan

- Al-Khaleej Vs Al-Kawkab
Referee: Khaled Al-Taris
First Assistant Referee: Faisal Al-Qahtani
Second Assistant Referee: Moayyed Al-Musjen
Fourth Official: Mohammed Al-Baridi

- Al-Nojoom Vs Al-Adalah 
Referee: Abdullah Al-Uwaidan
First Assistant Referee: Mohammed Al-Abkari
Second Assistant Referee: Baligh Al Ramadan
Fourth Official: Mohammed Ismail

- Al-Jabalain Vs Al-Mujazzal 
Referee: Raed Al-Zahrani
First Assistant Referee: Bader Al-Shamrani
Second Assistant Referee: Abdullah Masri
Fourth Official: Freih Al-Galoud

- Al-Orobah Vs Al-Ansar
Referee: Shukri Al-Hanfosh
First Assistant Referee: Khalaf Zaid
Second Assistant Referee: Adel Sharahili
Fourth Official: Abdullah Al-Naheet

- Najran Vs Al-Ain
Referee: Sultan Al-Harbi
First Assistant Referee: Fahd Al-Omari
Second Assistant Referee: Majid Sorour
Fourth Official: Turki Al Hishlan

- Al-Nahda Vs Abha
Referee: Majid Al-Shahrani
First Assistant Referee: Majid Al-Nasser
Second Assistant Referee: Mohammed Wazi
Fourth Official: Ibrahim Al-Asil

- Jeddah Vs Al-Jeel
Referee: Turki Al-Khudair
First Assistant Referee: Hisham Rifai
Second Assistant Referee: Emad Askar
Fourth Official: Sultan Akkiri

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