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  • 04 December 2018

Main Referees Committee Held a Course for Under-17 Junior Referees

The Main Referees Committee in the Saudi Arabian Federation, held a course for under-17 junior referees of premium and first class in Jeddah Governorate, in the presence of 38 referees and assistant referees, as well as Khalil Jalal, the Vice-Chairman of the Referees Committee, Mohammed Al-Ghamdi, a member of the Committee, and Abdul Aziz Al-Aqili, the officer-in-charge of “Age Groups” Costs, under the supervision of Saudi instructors, Fahd Al-Arini, Mohammed Al-Abkari, and Hisham Al-Rifai, and a coach specializing in physical fitness.

The course schedule included theoretical lectures, practical and fitness exercises and a mini-course, in order to determine the referees' real levels in terms of fitness and movements after dividing them into three groups.

The course included guidance and giving notes to the referees for development purposes. In addition, fitness, weight and height have been measured, but the committee relied on the theoretical aspect by intensifying the workshops.

On the other hand, the International Referee Team of Al-Ahli of Saudi Arabia and Wifaq Staif of Algeria were present for the competition for Zayed Cup for Champion Clubs held in Jeddah, headed by Egyptian International Referee, Jihad Greisha, in the presence of resident referee, Saad Kameel, member of the Referees Committee at the Kuwaiti Asian Federation. The team participated with the referees in an experience sharing workshop.

The Vice-Chairman of the Main Referees Committee, Khalil Jalal, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the member of the Asian Referees Committee, Saad Kamil, and the international team for accepting the invitation.

Addressing the referees at the end of the course, Jalal pointed out that the Committee will work for them and that each referee will get his share of success according to diligence, work and concentration in the daily exercises, as well as the implementation of advice and guidance. In conclusion, he thanked the technical and administrative staff of the course as well as the referees for applying the timetable as required.

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