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  • 20 March 2019

SAFF Discipline and Ethics Committee holds workshop on regulations

The Discipline and Ethics Committee of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation, SAFF, held the second workshop for the representatives of the clubs, persons who are interested in law, regulations and rules of procedures.

The workshop was held at the meeting hall at King Abdalla Sports City in Jeddah.

The workshop started with a welcoming statement was made by the Committee chairman Dr. Ahmed Al-Refaei who affirmed that these workshops aim at discussing and hearing the suggestions or obstacles or queries about the provisions of the rules of procedures.

The committee conducted several applications to the attendance taken the form of groups that discussed several world footage and events.

For his part, presenter Sultan Al-Ghasyan discussed with the attendance the media feedback on the committee decisions while chairman of the Matches Supervisors and Coordinators Committee, Salman Al-Namshan presented a working paper on the role of supervisors and coordinators in writing the games reports and submitting these reports to the committee.

On the other hand, Ammar Al-Refaie, deputy of Business Faculty of Scientific Research and Advanced Studies, head of Sports Administration magistrate program, head of law sector at Business Faculty at King Abdul Aziz University talked about sports fanaticism.

It must be mentioned that this workshop comes within the phases assessed by the committee to develop the rules of procedures.

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