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  • 02 December 2018

Abdullah Al-Ghannam: FIFA 11+ Prevention Program Reduces Cruciate Ligament Injuries up to 77%

A member of the Medical Committee of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation, Dr. Abdullah Al-Ghannam, said that the FIFA 11+ prevention program may reduce cruciate ligament injuries by around 77%.

This has been found after a study conducted on 61 football teams, as declared by Abdullah Al-Ghannam during a lecture he gave at Al-Raed Club under the title "Prevention from Cruciate Ligament Injuries" under the supervision of the Medical Committee of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation.

In the lecture, Dr. Al-Ghannam discussed the most important factors in the cruciate ligament injuries, such as exercise load as an environmental factor, the body's anatomical factor, and age, gender, fitness level, flexibility, previous injuries, problems of neuromuscular control of the knee and problems of neuromuscular control for stability of the trunk as personal factors.

Al-Ghannam overviewed the classification of football injuries, the areas more susceptible to injuries during the exercise of this sport, and he talked about the mechanism of cruciate ligament injuries, and the importance and benefits of injury prevention in football.

In another context, the Medical Committee of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation held its third meeting under the chairmanship of the Head of the Committee, Dr. Mubarak Al-Mutawa, at the Federation’s headquarters in Riyadh, in the presence of all members.

The meeting discussed a number of issues on the agenda, such as the preparation of the strategic plan, its timetable and setting of objectives.

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