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  • 25 April 2019

SAFF adopts Discipline, Ethics Committee composition

Saudi Arabian Football Federation, SAFF, adopted the composition of Discipline and Ethics Committee, chaired by Mr. Maged Al-Orieni.

The committee was formed as follows:

Mr. Maged Al-Orieni - Chairman

Dr. Eissa Al-Eissa - Vice-Chairman

Mr. Faisal Al-Dawood - member

Mr. Talal Al-Qahtani - member

Mr. Abdel Aziz Al-Orifi - member

The SAFF board thanked the former chairman of the committee Dr. Ayman Al-Refaie and the committee members for their efforts over the past period and wish them all success.

The board expressed confidence that the efforts of the current members and chairman Mr. Maged Al-Orieni in the next period will be successful, confirming that Al-Orieni's curriculum vitae and committee members' practical experience enhance the confidence of the board in the success of the committee.

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