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  • 14 April 2019

SAFF Referees Committee holds workshop on AAR

The Referees' Committee of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation, SAFF, held on Sunday a workshop on the additional assistant referee (AAR), in the presence of 19 referees, in preparation for their participation in the matches of Prince Mohamed Bin Salman division one League for Professionals.

The workshop was held in Jeddah, as it saw reviewing several cases on the duties and the tasks of the AAR, in addition to discussing refereeing cases from the previous matches.

For his part, the committee's Chairman, Khalel Galal, stressed the importance of reaching the highest levels of concentration in the next games of Prince Mohamed Bin Salman division one League for Professionals because of the sensitivity of the coming crucial period.

"The committee is keen on assigning the right referee for every match", he added.

The workshop was attended also by the committee's technical official Abdel Mohisn Al-Zoeid.

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