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  • 28 May 2018

President of SAFF launches the official website of the Federation

With FIFA President Gianni Infantino in attendance, Chairman of Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF), Adel bin Mohammed Ezzat inaugurated SAFF's official website, aimed at keeping people updated on the latest SAFF and football news across the Kingdom, in line with Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 to support and promote football.

SAFF announced the launch of the first phase of the website, which enables navigation via home PCs, laptops and smart mobile phones to keep football enthusiasts of Saudi Arabia posted on events, at both SAFF and national teams levels, through detailed live coverage.

Enabled in English and Arabic, the website provides a general overview of local competitions and SAFF's regulations. In addition, it will introduce SAFF TV which will be dedicated to all videos pertaining to SAFF and national teams.

Currently underway, the second phase of the website will include a dedicate section for refereeing, reports on local competitions, as well as a feature to elect popular favorite team, enabling users to choose 11 players from Saudi Pro League. Moreover, it will have an engagement map, Team page and many technical features.

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