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  • 09 March 2019

Grade A Referees workshop concluded .. Lim Yong honored

The workshop of Grade A Referees, that lasted for three days, was concluded in Riyadh, as it witnessed the participation of 22 referees and 20 assistant referees.

The workshop was attended by the international lecturer Lim Yong, fitness trainers Bandr Al-Saalo and Abdel Rahman Al-Malki and lecturer Abdel Mohsin Al-Zoaed, it was supervised directly by the Referees Committee chairman Khalel Galal, committee member Mohamed Al-Gamdy and on the administrative side Ali Al-Ahmari.

The workshop program started with video cases test in addition to discussing the tests and football laws test in Arabic and in English languages.

The workshop witnessed a review of all the articles of the football law in addition to holding a short workshop included five referees with the feedback of several cases under the supervision of lecturer Lim Yong.

On the practical side, all referees underwent physical tests, which witnessed a development in the physical performance comparing to the previous period, while the technical exercises were carried out after the division of the referees into four groups where all the referees were focused on fitness tests before asking the referees about some cases when they are under pressure to measure their accommodating extent.

In the conclusion, the committee chairman, Khalel Galal urged the referees to be mentally focused in all the games they manage in Prince Mohamed Bin Salman League for Professionals and Prince Mohamed Bin Salman division one League؛ as additional assistant referee (AAR) system, will be applied in the last four rounds to reduce the number of mistakes.

Galal praised the great development of the referees on the physical side which reflects their quest for improvement.

At the end, Galal thanked lecturer Lim Yong and granted him a shield holds Saudi Arabian Football Federation logo, as an honor.

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