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  • 04 May 2019

SAFF statement on Al-Nasr president letter

In reference to what has been circulated, that Al-Nasr president had sent a letter of praise to the president of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation, SAFF, after dismissing the former chairman of the Referees' Committee, Mark Clattenburg, claiming that the letter included a request to exclude number of referees from his team's matches in addition to some of Al-Hilal team's games.

Accordingly, SAFF, wish to clarify that, SAFF president office received a letter signed by Al-Nasr president, on 10 April last, included thanking SAFF president for his concern for competition fairness, with a request to not to entrust the games of his team and Al-Hilal's games to number of referees, but he did not refer to thanking SAFF president on dismissing Mr. Clattenburg..

The following actions have been taken immediately:

First: Reference to SAFF's legal department to take the necessary action.

Second: Ensure that no referees, whose names included in the letter, were excluded from taking charge of Al-Nasr matches.

Continuing to entrust the games to the referees in accordance with established procedures.

Third: Two referees' crew were entrusted to take charge of one game for Al-Nasr and another game for Al-Hilal, as a confirmation that SAFF rejects such claims and does not take it into consideration.

SAFF board shows its concern for clarifying the matters, from the premise of explaining the issue to the fans.

SAFF would like to emphasize its keenness to deal with all clubs with one principle and one distance to achieve the fairness of competition and ensure the rights of all clubs.

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