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  • 02 January 2019

Qusay Al-Fawaz: We have an Ambitious Vision Extending until 2030

Qusai Al-Fawaz, the Chairman of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation, said that the Federation has an ambitious vision that extends until 2030. This vision has many foundations, including a prosperous economy, an ambitious nation and a vibrant society, pointing out that privatization is one of the most important initiatives that will make football in the Kingdom an investment sector in the coming years.

"In the process of developing football locally, we are focusing on three ingredients - sports academies, fan experience and infrastructure development," Al-Fawaz said during his participation in the Asia Stock Exchange session – Asian Professional League Economies and the Market Value of Clubs and Players – at Dubai International Sports Conference held today, Wednesday.

He added: "In the process of developing football locally, we have a strategy based on development, partnerships, technology, interaction, support for teams and sponsors. We focus on developing football academies through coaches, referees and players, building long partnerships, putting the Saudi league among the top 10 leagues worldwide, introducing technology to the world of football, interacting with the masses and experiencing their experience, improving the level of the national team with all its age groups, and raising the level of care in the Saudi Arabian Federation in the long term".

Al-Fawaz explained that the current work is based on providing an attractive environment stimulating the masses' attendance of the matches and seeking to provide a number of future options for attendance and support, stressing on their pursuit for putting the Saudi league among the top 10 leagues worldwide, in the presence of financial support for clubs and working with them to end financial issues with the International Federation, in addition to raising the number of foreign players.

"We have managed to attract a number of outstanding foreign players and highly-qualified coaches, and at the level of referees, the best referees around the world have been brought in to participate in our league," he said.

Al-Fawaz pointed out that the decision to increase the number of foreign players in the Saudi league aims at reducing the inflated value of the Saudi player, and to put the Saudi players in contact with foreign players and technically benefit from their presence, describing the experience as positive.

"There were successful ideas and experiences. Last year we sent Saudi players to a professional experience in the Spanish league, and we all saw the benefit of this experience," he said.

"The income of the TV transmission contract has been raised by 100% for 10 years, reaching $ 1.76 billion," he said.

Al-Fawaz concluded by stressing that: "The solution does not always come from government support. At present, clubs are supposed to work for increasing their incomes by activating the marketing departments, and I have started this now, with "Support Your Club Initiative" being one of the initiatives intended to increase their revenues."

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