• Saudi Pro League
  • 08 June 2018

Saudi Federation decided to increase the number of foreign players

The Board of Directors of the Saudi Football Federation decided to approve eight foreign players in the first division clubs during the competitions in which they participate, instead of the previous decision providing for the participation of seven players, starting from the next sports season.

The Saudi Football Federation has approved the participation of 7 players in the starting lineup, with the 8th sitting on the bench.

The Saudi Football Federation Board confirmed that the approval of eight players in the clubs’ squad will increase the technical level of the clubs and the league in general, and will increase competition in the matches they play.

The Saudi Football Federation Board further valued the generous support of His Excellency Turki bin Abdulmohsen Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the General Sport Authority, to the Saudi Federation and the clubs in general namely for his good leadership, great care and direct monitoring, to the best interest of sports in Saudi.

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