• Saudi Pro League
  • 13 March 2019

MBS League for professionals round 24 kicking off on Thursday

The 24th week of Prince Mohamed Bin Salman League for Professionals will kick off on Thursday with two games.

Al-Qadsya the 11th with 24 points will face Al-Faisaly the 8th with 30 points, at ALMajma`a City Stadium.

Al-Faisaly and Al-Qadsya seek returning to the winning ways after suffering two losses last week against Al-Shabab 1-0 and Al-Ahli 2-1 in a row.

At King Abdullah Sport City Stadium, Al-Taween the 4th with 42 points will host Al-Fateh the 7th with 32 points.

Al-Taween go into the game with the hope of continuing victories after beating Al-Raed 2-1 in Al-Qassaim derby last week., on the other hand Al-Fateh attempt to return winning ways after suffering a 2-0 loss to Al-Batin.

The round games will be continued with two matches on Friday, in the first clash Al-Raed the 10th with 35 points will face Al-Batin the 13th with 22 points, at King Abdullah Sport City.

In the second game, Al-Ittifaq the 9th with 28 points will host Al-Shabab the third with 43 points, at Prince Mohamed Bin Fahd Stadium in the second match.

The round games will be resumed on Saturday with another two games.

Al-Hazm the 12th with 24 points will face Al-Ittihad the 14th with 19 points, at King Abdullah Sport City Stadium.

At night, Al-Wahda the 6th with 36 points will take on Al-Nasr the second on the table with 52 points, at King Abbdel Aziz Sport City Stadium.

The matchday games will be resumed with the game of Al-Hilal the leaders with 56 points against Ohod the 16th with 14 points, at King Saud University Stadium on Sunday, 23rd of March.

It must be mentioned that Al-Fayhaa game with Al-Ahli will be postponed until the first of April.

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