• Road To Russia
  • 29 April 2018

Camp Mareba: Pizzi dedicated a morning session focused on fitness

The national team’s Technical Director Juan Antonio Pizzi conducted on Sunday a morning training session for team players in the Marbella Sports Center as part of his training camp in the Spanish city of Marbella. This is the fourth phase of the program in preparation for the World Cup to be held next year in Russia.

The training session began with running around the field and warm-up exercises. Then, the coach conducted technical training sessions for ball passing in various spaces and ball control exercise before dividing the training that was conducted on half of the field area.

In addition, Pizzi conducted an evening training session at the Marbella Sports Center golf course that focused on fitness exercises, starting with running and individual strengthening exercises before concluding the session with stretching exercises.

On Monday morning, the national team will hold a morning session at 10:30am “Spain time” at the Marbella Sports Center golf course.

The national team midfielder Taysir al-Jassim emphasized the importance of the current phase of the preparation program for the team camp, as it will upgrade the physical endurance of each player and boost his fitness as per World Cup requirements to be positively reflected on the field.

Al-Jassim stressed on the importance of the strong friendly matches that the team will play during the preparation program, especially in terms of increasing the technical performance in line with the matches to be played in the World Cup.

In relation to the objective of this stage, he said: "We all aim at reaching the World Cup. Our physical and technical level is strong and this event represents a great burden for us to play with honor. Therefore, all the players are highly focused at present to benefit completely from all training sessions”.

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