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  • 26 June 2018

International Newspapers Highlight the Green Falcons Win against Egypt

International information media highlighted the 2-1 win of our National Team against Egypt, in the third round of the World Cup third group.

FIFA: Beautiful Memories Replayed

The official FIFA website spoke about the Green Falcons match against Egypt, in its English and Arabic version.

In the Arabic version, FIFA website confirmed that Salem Al-Dawsari brought back beautiful memories to the Saudi team.

The website nicknamed Al-Dawsari as the Neymar of the Gulf who achieved an outstanding victory that brought back beautiful memories to the Green Falcons.

The Guardian: Egypt ends its World Cup journey in last place after a killer goal from KSA

The Guardian wrote that KSA managed to win at a crucial time and Egypt came last with no points.

The Green Falcons had a 2-1 victory against Egypt. It scored three points in the first group.

CBC Sport: Mohamed Salah Returns Home country as Egypt Loses against KSA

The newspaper stressed that the Egyptian team could not maintain its ranking. It could not maintain the tie score and lost against KSA in the last minute.

The newspaper also wrote that Mohamed Salah will return home as Egypt loses against KSA without scoring any points.

Daily Mail: Saudi Arabia achieves a much deserved victory

The British newspaper wrote that Green Falcons achieved a much deserved victory against its Egyptian counterpart in the third round match.

The newspaper added that both teams were affected by their defeat in the first and second rounds, but they played well in the third round.

Al-Faraj managed to score a tie in the penalty shot, yet Al-Dawsari scored a killer goal granting KSA the full points.

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