• Road To Russia
  • 10 June 2018

Pizzi asks the Green Falcons to double their efforts

The National Team Coach Juan Antonio Pizzi asked the Green Falcons to double their efforts in the coming period, as the countdown to the World Cup starts ahead of the opener against the hosts Russia.

Pizzi met with the Green Falcons players before the beginning of the training session that was held at 6:00pm at the Petrovsky Stadium, amidst a crowd and the media, following the decision of the administrative and technical staff to give the audience and media full access to the training session.

Juan Pizzi stressed in his meeting with the players on the importance of the next phase and the increase of the focus, and confirmed that playing honorably at the opener will open up great horizons for the National Team.

The team players were keen to greet the crowd and the people with special needs who were present on the field before the beginning of training.

The training session was held in attendance of Adel bin Mohammed Ezzat, Chairman of the Saudi Football Federation, Nawaf Al-Tamayat, Vice Chairman and Head of the World Cup Preparation Team, Loay Al-Subaie, Secretary General, Member of the team. The training session started with warm-up exercises. Juan Pizzi then divided the players into two groups. The first group, which included the main players in the match against Germany, conducted recovery and recreational exercises. The second group conducted acquisition exercises. The training was then conducted on quarter of the field.

Midfielder Mohamed Kanno was not able to complete the training due to hand injury.

During the training session, the crowd at St. Petersburg were keen to be present in addition to a number of Saudi exchange students, who highly interacted during the session demanding the players to make more efforts to achieve positive results.

The team will conduct its training session tomorrow at 6:00pm on the training fields of Saint Petersburg’s Zenit Club.

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