• Road To Russia
  • 25 June 2018

Pizzi: We Controlled the Match and Achieved a much Deserved Win

The National Team’s Coach Juan Antonio Pizzi said that the team achieved a much deserved win over Egypt at the end of its Russia 2018 World Cup participation.

The National Team beat Egypt 2-1 in the third round of Group A matches held on Monday.

Pizzi said the National Team managed to control the ball following Egypt’s goal and dominated the match. This made the opponent miss other chances to score.

Pizzi added: “Following the first half, we thought that if we were faster in the second half, we would be able to have more chances to score. I said to the players that we need to speed up our pace on the attack”.

“I must admit that we expected a different performance in the opening game against Russia. What happened during that match was unexpected. The starting lineup in all three matches was the best”, Pizzi added.

Pizzi concluded that the starting lineup in all three matches was the best and added: “There are some decisions I have to make based on the training sessions. That is why sometimes I may make decisions that seem wrong to you”.

In a message to the Saudi fans, Pizza said: “You need to continue supporting the team. We need your support. Nothing can be achieved quickly. You need to be patient and I hope you were proud of your team today”.

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