• Road To Russia
  • 19 June 2018

Pizzi: We will Face the Uruguay with Full Strength ... Objective is to Show our True Image

Argentinian Coach Juan Antonio Pizzi, the Technical Director of the Saudi national team confirmed that the match against the Uruguay is an opportunity to play well and change the team’s image following the match against Russia.

Pizzi held a press conference on Tuesday evening in which he spoke about the match against the Uruguay, scheduled on Wednesday evening in the second round of Group A matches.

He said that the way players played in the first match against Russia was unexpected, adding that he looks forward to change this image in the match against the Uruguay.

“We will play with full strength and demonstrate that we are able to win and compete. We have full confidence in our abilities and skills, and we must demonstrate our individual skills. We have the ability to compete, and we must compete with the same energy of the other team”, Pizzi added.

Pizzi concluded by saying that each match is different and the way the team plays is different as well. Tomorrow, we are facing a team that is strong in the attack and we will do our best to have a positive result.

On the other hand, Saudi Midfielder Taysir Al-Jassim said that the match will be difficult but he confirmed that players will play in a distinctive manner to please the Saudi people.

Al-Jassim added: “Anything is possible in football. We have been under so much pressure, but we must put this behind us as the coming match is very important. We want to make the Saudi people happy.

On playing in a high temperature setting, Al-Jassim said: “We are used to playing at a high temperature setting, this will not affect us. We have played against the Uruguay before but fighting strongly for our country is all what matters now”.

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