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  • 24 June 2018

Pizzi: We will Face Egypt with a Different Strategy

The National Team Coach Juan Antonio Pizzi said that he is confident the National Team can win against Egypt in its last match of the World Cup 2018.

Pizzi said at the press conference he held on Sunday evening: “We are absolutely ready for the match, and we have full confidence in our abilities. We gained experience in the previous two matches and we should know our goals before the beginning of the match”.

“The match against Egypt will be difficult. All teams dream of winning a World Cup match. We fully respect our opponent and know each other very well. The most important thing after winning is to have played well for everyone”, Pizzi added.

As to whether he will assign special tasks to his team members against Mohamed Salah, Pizzi said: “We did not mark Suarez. When there is a player of the same level, it is your duty to inform every player of his qualities. As for Mohamed Salah, he has a great football career. We will be careful, not by assigning a player to monitor him, but by knowing his qualities and working to minimize his potential threat”.

The Green Falcons Coach said he will adopt a strategy which is different from the two previous matches: “In each game, we seek a performance and a line-up that suits the match. We will adopt another strategy because the opponent is different. We should focus on some points and play at our best”.

Pizzi expressed his satisfaction with the preparations for the match against Egypt. He said that the players have a new opportunity to improve their image after the good performance they demonstrated against Uruguay despite the 1-0 loss.

As to his line-up for tomorrow’s match, Pizzi said: “We choose the best line-up for each match. I think everyone agrees that tomorrow's match is important. We hope our performance is great to please the Saudi people. We will wait until tomorrow to consider the participation of the injured players”.

Pizzi said that the team benefited from the players’ experience in Spain and added: “I benefited from the players experience in Spain, even if they had only few participations. We noticed that they made a quantum leap following their experience. We hope these players and other players re-live this experience as it contributes to their individual development and benefits the team accordingly”.

Fahad Al-Muwallad said: “All trainers and management staff are working hard. We have received unprecedented support. We missed opportunities in the past but we have yet another chance to improve our performance”.

Al-Muwallad added: “The first match was tough. The second match was fateful. We hoped to achieve a positive result but we could not. We seek to improve our image against the strong Egyptian team”.

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